Nice to Meet You! / by Savannah Boyd


Oh hey!!! I have some new friends around here, so I wanted to reintroduce myself!! I’m Savannah! I own Hearts of Style, which started as a personal shopping company but has become so much more. We do closet audits, personal styling, virtual styling, home organizing, and even a little party planning and interior decorating here and there. I love my job and the opportunity to make people look and feel their best!! I have been married to my husband, Brian, for almost nine years. We have three beautiful children (and a dog!) together and have lived in Atlanta for nearly 14 years. Given that I am juggling three little ones under the age of six and running a business full time, things are generally pretty helter-skelter around here! If you follow me on social media, you will be highly entertained by our antics and will see me in all of my raw, unedited glory—the good, bad, and ugly. Social media serves such a predominant role in our society today, and I love getting to connect with all sorts of people in that virtual space who I would otherwise not have the opportunity to “meet”; however, I feel strongly that social media should not mask the perfectly imperfect life that I lead. I am beyond thankful for each crazy day, and every day is truly an unscripted and often surprising adventure! I hope you can get to know me a little better through this post, and I welcome you to reach out and tell me some things about yourself as well. After all, the interpersonal relationships that I form through this job are the most important and valuable aspect of Hearts of Style to me, and my clients are like family. I am grateful that you find me worthy of following along.


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Here are Some Fun Facts Unique to Me:

  • I was a Bridesmaid 18 times before I was ever a bride.

  • I love to sing and actually auditioned twice for American Idol.

  • My husband and I were featured on a reality TV show called Buying It Blind on Bravo.

  • I was Ms. Auburn University and am a proud Auburn Tiger!


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These 5 Designers Have Inspired and Influenced Me Most:

  • Lela Rose

  • Tish Cox

  • Hunter Bell

  • Rebecca Taylor

  • Chanel


Savannah got her start in fashion at the retail store Tootsies in Atlanta, Georgia. After customers who became friends repeatedly asked her to assist them in their own closets and with making selections of clothing for upcoming trips, events, etc., Savannah broke away from retail and started Hearts of Style. She began this adventure over 10 years ago, and, since then, she has built an impressive repertoire of clientele, each of whom have left a a special mark on her “heart” with their individual “styles”—hence the name, Hearts of Style.