Valentine's Tea Cake Cookies / by Savannah Boyd

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Growing up, I waited very eagerly for my aunt to bring me Valentine’s Day Tea Cake Cookies, just as my kids now impatiently anticipate the moment when those same cookies will finally be ready to come out of the oven! My mom’s sister made heart-shaped, red-iced Tea Cake Cookies every year on Valentine’s Day, and she made a big show of delivering them to me on a beautiful platter. This is a treasured memory that I adopted and have now turned into a tradition with my family.

My kids and I work together in the kitchen, and—as the pictures below show—I really let Brooks, Bradley, and Anna Blair in on the action!! They pretty much get to do everything except crack the eggs open :-) I often divide the dough in half, letting them roll and cut out one portion while I work on the other. We keep the cookies they make at home and deliver the others to friends and family to spread the love! It is a memorable bonding experience for all of us and a treat that I can pass down to them from my childhood.

I eyeball the frosting, usually starting with a half of a bag of powdered sugar and a third of a cup of milk, mixed together with five drops of pink food coloring. I line the cookies with the hard icing; next, I mix some more milk in to make it liquid and then pour that into the center of the cookies. It’s pretty foolproof—if it’s too watery, just add some more powdered sugar; if it’s too hard, just add a little more milk! I take the cookies out of the oven on the shorter end of the timeframe because I like them really soft. I leave them on the cookie sheet to cool for about five minutes before icing them.

I hope you can all enjoy these cookies as much as I have over the years and as much as my kids now do! The recipe is included at the bottom of the post. Also, you can click directly on each image in the grid below to shop the boys’ shirts and some other great baking supplies that will help you make this recipe!


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