#heartsofstylehandwrittenhappy / by Savannah Boyd

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If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us scroll through Instagram and wonder why everyone else has it so much more “together” than we do.  We think to ourselves, “She’s prettier; her kids are so well-behaved; they have such a beautiful house; they have nicer stuff; her business is going better than mine,” etc.  The list could go on and on because, for whatever reason, we like to get lost in the lie that everyone else in the world (or at least the social media world) has a picture-perfect life but that we, in fact, do not. 

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This has been heavy on my mind the past few days as I have read through many posts about people’s reflections over 2018.  I would dare to say that the majority of what I read was incredibly surprising!  Many people wrote extremely vulnerable posts in which they talk about walking through some very dark times that you would never in your wildest dreams imagine could be true by looking at their Social Media accounts.         

Life is messy!  I mean, DANG, it is down-right hard sometimes, and it is this way in some form or another for all of us.  None of us are excluded from hardships.  You just never know what someone could be going through on the other side of a photo. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I thrive off of words of affirmation!  The more the better.  This is just the way God made me.  Knowing that someone believes in me makes all the difference for me.  It gives me strength and fuels my determination to keep going. 

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It’s a new year, and most people have cleaned their slate from 2018 to start fresh!  Each one of us could benefit from knowing that someone is in our corner, from knowing that someone believes in us and is EXPECTANT to see what all we can accomplish in 2019.  So... I have this idea, and I am dying to see how far we can take it!!  I challenge you to pick three people in your life: could be family, friend, or even random stranger that works at the coffee shop you frequent that just looks like s/he needs a pat on the back.  Pick your people, and hand write them a short note giving them a dose of encouragement and mentioning why you know that 2019 is going to be an amazing year for them!!  Take a quick photo of yourself writing the note or leaving the note where someone will find it (perhaps tucked into the windshield wipers of a car in the parking lot or left on a doorstep or slid into a mailbox or placed into a lunchbox), and then post that photo with the hashtag #heartsofstylehandwrittenhappy.  

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Y’all... this seems so simple but I’m sitting here imagining how BIG this could be. I have around 3,800 followers on Instagram.  Imagine if all of those followers wrote at least three letters.  That’s over 11,000 letters!!!!  That makes me so stinking happy just thinking about it! And, who knows, the idea might even keep going depending on who shares it or talks about it!  I just LOVE IT and love thinking that we could just all get in each other’s corner and start cheering each other on going into the new year!! Please join me! Take 5 minutes (just 5 minutes!!!) out of your busy day to sit down and hand write (not text) a few notes to some people who just might have a wonderful start to 2019 because of your gesture of kindeness!! Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact in life!! I pray this is one of those times!! 🤗🙌🏻👏🏻


P.S. You are awesome, and there is NO ONE else quite like you! I hope 2019 brings you many blessings!! XO, Savannah