Unexpected Neutrals: Pearl Detailing and Camouflage / by Savannah Boyd

When someone says she likes to dress in “neutrals,” you probably picture shades of black, gray, beige, and white. But did you know that certain patterns (I’m a sucker for camouflage and animal print!) or subtle embellishments (I adore pearl detailing!) can still be considered neutrals?

For the look pictured below, I’ve created a casual outfit with just the right amount of pizzazz by pairing this pearl-detail sweater from Mulberry & King with these Veronica Beard camouflage loafers. At a glance, the look reads “neutral,” but the details bring it to life and make it sing! Of course, my best accessory is always my sweet Anna Blair!!!

Click on the images below for direct links to the items that I am wearing here. Anna Blair’s outfit details are included as well. And Hearts of Style has also gathered some additional pearl-detail and camo-inspired items in case you want to put together your own “unexpected neutral” look!

pearl:camo 6.JPG
pearl:camo 5.JPG

Savannah’s and Anna Blair’s Outfit Details

Pearl Detail Hearts of Style Picks

Camouflage Shoes Hearts of Style Picks

***Note: There are not a lot of options for camouflage shoes right now, but animal print is a great alternative!***