Love of Layering / by Savannah Boyd


Hello and Happy Holidays!!! This time of year, as the weather gets chillier, it’s nice to layer up for warmth. I personally love a good layered look all year long, though! In my time working as a personal shopper and stylist, I have noticed that many of my clients don’t instinctually understand how to style themselves in layers, so I wanted to share some tips here on the blog.

Layering can elevate a look from ho-hum to super-stylish; just by adding a crisp, white Oxford blouse or a plaid button-up shirt to your outfit, you can transform a sweater or dress from average to exceptional. Layering isn’t an exact science, and the key is not to over-think it. That being said, here are few rules of thumb and tricks that will help you implement layering into your wardrobe like a pro.


The Classic White Button Down

layering ruffle sleeve.jpg
layering white shirt caroline.jpg
layering cava.jpg
  • Look for slim cut pieces that are structured against your bodice to avoid extra fabric in your mid-section.

  • My all-time favorite white Oxford blouse is by Theory (number 8 below!). I keep several in my closet on rotation.

  • The classic white Oxford is ALWAYS the perfect layering piece and can also be worn on its own with a great statement necklace.

  • Reach for these any time, but they are especially ideal if your sweater or jumper has a print.


The Turtleneck

layering turtleneck 1.jpg
layering turtleneck stripe.jpg
layering turtleneck 2.jpg
  • Look for thin, lightweight turtlenecks that do not come up high up on your neck.

  • Make sure the turtleneck is either fitted through the arm OR fitted through the body with a really fun sleeve.


Patterned Button-Up Blouses

layering plaid.jpg
layering gingham dress.jpg
  • Pair patterned shirts with solid sweaters or jumpers.

  • These can be fun for holiday outfits. If you have a silk blouse with hearts printed on it, for example, you can create a “Valentine’s Chic” outfit by layering it under a solid black sweater and pairing it with leather leggings or by layering it under a black shift dress with tights and boots.


3/4 Sleeve Blouses

layering half sleeve 2.jpg
layering half sleeve 1.jpg
  • People often think that these can’t be layered, but they can be!

  • Pair them with garment that has a loose-fitting sleeve so that you can bunch them up and let the shorter sleeve of the blouse hang out from underneath the sweater.


Layering a Sweater Over a Spring Dress

sweater over dress.JPG
  • This is a fun way to make a lightweight dress appropriate for cooler temperatures so that you don’t have to wait to wear it!

  • When it’s still winter but the weather is warmer than usual for the season, just throw a sweater over a long dress, wrap the belt around the middle under the sweater, then front tuck the sweater into the belt.

  • Pair it with a great pair of boots to complete the look.


General Tips and Tricks

  • If you want to layer a piece that is not slim-fitting, place a tank top over the blouse before you layer your sweater or jumper over it. This smooths out the bodice area and give you a sleek look.

  • If you want a “preppy” look, always front-tuck the shirt tail of your blouse. For a more relaxed look, leave the blouse untucked.

  • I typically suggest sticking with a crew neck when layering a sweater or jumper over a blouse. However, if you wish to layer a v-neck, try a fun collar (such as blouse number 3 or 5 below).

  • If you pair a fun, trendy, affordable piece with a garment that is of higher quality, then you will take your look to the next level.


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