Fierce, Functional, and Flexible / by Savannah Boyd

This look is a departure from my norm, and I have to tell you… I was LOVING how fierce this funky ensemble made me feel! This outfit is not only cool and edgy, but it’s also casual and truly wearable. I was drawn to how these pieces can be broken up in so many different ways, which makes them a smart investment. For example, you could wear the joggers with a cozy sweater and tennis shoes, or you can put the vest over a chambray shirt paired with a wax-coated denim. The jacket could go with any workout leggings. And, as you can see here, you can even put a pair of heels on and really dress it up if you want to. It’s just so versatile!

Fierce 1.JPG
Fierce 4.JPG
fierce 3.JPG