Chic in Cupcakes and Cashmere / by Savannah Boyd

Cupcakes and Cashmere is an accessible and affordable brand that makes beautiful, unique, truly wearable clothes. This dress can be glamorous and elegant, as I’ve styled it in the pictures below. But it can just as easily be thrown on by itself with a pair of sandals for an easy, casual look. When a garment is well-constructed and beautiful as a stand-alone piece, its versatility is limitless! Cupcakes and Cashmere makes just such pieces time and time again. I hope you will enjoy exploring this brand if it is new to you. If you are a long-time fan, then you can leave me an “AMEN” comment on the Blog!!!

***Note: This exact vest and this exact necklace are out of stock, so similar ones are linked. The dress, shoes, purse, and earrings are all still available, and the shoes are on MAJOR sale!!!***

european chic 1.JPG
european chic 4.JPG
european chic 2.JPG