Tips for a Fit and Healthy Summer / by Savannah Boyd


Hey sweet friends


I'm Kati from The Cold Coffee Blog, and I'm thrilled to be here on Savannah's super cute and trendy blog. There's just one problem... I'm no expert on cute and trendy. I bought my swimsuit from Kroger for goodness sake. Bet you didn't know Kroger sells swimsuits...

So why the heck am I here? Because Savannah said so, and she's the boss. But also, I'm here to tell you a bit about my fitness/nutrition journey and help get you headed on the right track to a healthy summer.

Between family barbecues, summer weddings, ballpark hot dogs, ice cream treats, and a fourth of July feast, summer can be a bit high in calories. Believe me, I was a summer calorie intaker for years. And I was good at it. It was delicious, but I was a bit fluffy.

I had had enough when I trained 18 WEEKS FOR A MARATHON AND DIDN'T SHED A POUND.

Not a single one...

Apparently you can't outrun a bad diet.


My weight and health controlled my life. If I ate bad, I was in a bad mood. If I was on a restrictive diet, I was tired and fatigued. I was insecure and uncomfortable in my clothes. I felt like a slave to the scale. I weighed myself everyday. What the scale said each morning affected the rest of my day.



I thought I was D.O.N.E. trying to lose the extra pounds until I saw my sister complete a program called 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. She was a part of a private challenge group on Facebook where other challengers rooted each other on, and coaches shared recipe ideas and tips to make your 21 Day Fix successful. I needed to hear more!


It all sounded great until she told me the price, and then I wanted to cry. (Remember, I bought my swim suit at Kroger?... for half off.. and then I had a coupon for another additional 15% off. I'm cheap. I own it.)

But then I figured out a few things I could give up to make it fit into our minister/stay-at-home-mom budget. No Starbucks, less eating out, less junk at the grocery store, and those low calorie freezer meals would be gone (they cost about the same price as a serving of Shakeology). I canceled my gym membership and those running shoes I was buying every 4 to 5 months to run for hours on end, for apparently no gosh darn reason, were no longer necessary due to the 30 minute workouts I was about to complete.


With the support of my awesome husband, I went for it. I was a bit skeptical, but 30 minute workouts at home sounded a lot better and reasonable for our busy family. And I needed a plan. Someone just tell me what to eat and what to do!


Fast forward 9 months later and here I am with a few 21 Day Fix rounds under my belt and the newest program, 22 Minute Hard Corps, completed! So here it is my friends. Proof in the product. Here are my before and after results:

14 pounds lost

17 inches gone

3 pant sizes down


Now, I'm blessed to be a fitness coach while helping others find balance between life and fitness/nutrition. We all are busy, so I want to help you find the right plan so you can spend less time obsessing and worried about your health and more time and energy with the ones you love.

If you are interested in grabbing your own 21 Day Fix + Shakeology Challenge pack you should know that they are on sale for the month of June! You can email me at for more details!

To read more about my fitness and nutrition transformation story, you can go HERE to read more!


So before I leave, I want to share with you 5 tips for making your summer fit and healthy:


Drink lots of water!  


 ...and not to just combat the 100 degree weather, but to keep you full.

Listen, I used to be a Diet Dr. Pepper girl through and through. If I was in a bad mood, my husband handed me that cold crisp Diet Dr. P. But, that had to go. The carbonation, artificial sweeteners, and other yuck in sodas needed to be detoxed out of my body, and that was one of the first things to go when I started on this journey. However, I can not drink plain Jane water all day long. So, I've been adding different flavors to my water. In the morning I squeeze some lemon juice into my water. It's the first thing I take in each morning. Check out some of the benefits of lemon water...


Increase in brain function

Balances pH levels

Weight loss


Effects your digestion and ability to absorb nutrients better

Benefits the liver

Boosts immune system


I also use these Crystal Light Pure packets to flavor my water once a day.  With no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors, this is a guilt free treat that will help keep you full before and after your meals.


Grab yourself a workout partner!  


Accountability is key for me.

I try to get all my workouts done in the morning before my three sweet babies wake up. So, if my husband is pushing me out of bed or I know I'm completing a round of 21 Day Fix with my coaches and challengers, I am much more successful.

Find people who inspire you nutritionally as well. I definitely need someone to tell me to put the queso down every so often!!


Just because there is something to celebrate, doesn't mean you eat whatever you want.


I have people who think I'm crazy for not eating "just one cookie" at little Suzy's birthday party. But, what they don't understand is there is little Suzy's birthday bash today, little Johnny's pizza palooza tomorrow, and granny's 70th shin-dig the next day. Add a holiday or two within the month, and you have had WAY more than just "one cookie".


This is my secret weapon!

I make my Chocolate Vegan Shake and bring it with me to celebrations. It curbs my cravings and gets me full!

Shakeology is packed with over 70 dense nutrition super foods. Here are just a few ingredients and vitamins in this great tasting shake that will get you full and keep you successful on this new lifestyle of healthy choices:

Proteins and fiber – to help reduce hunger and food cravings.*

Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help fight free radical damage and help support a healthy immune system*

Adaptogen Herbs – traditionally used to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress*

Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes – to help nutrient absorption and support regularity and healthy digestion*

Benefits of drinking Shakeology:

Build and repair muscles

Support healthy blood sugar levels (as measured by HbA1C)

Support healthy skin, hair, and nails

Provide the body with vitamins and minerals

Support a healthy immune system

Help fight free radical damage

Support healthy digestion

Support regularity

Support nutrient absorption

You can email me at if you would like to order Shakeology for yourself!


Meal Prep! 


First off, let me tell you that when it comes to meal prepping, I don't go overboard. Some people like to make all their food, separate it all into containers, label, etc. all in a day or two. I do not do this. However, this works great for some people. If it works for you, do it.



Meal prepping for me is just cooking large amounts of food that I can grab and eat all week. I use my 21 Day Fix containers more as measuring cups than I do storage containers. It is also just about getting nutritious foods IN my home and ready to eat. I am more likely to eat my kids' waffles before I will go to the store last minute to buy brussel's sprouts. #reallife Always get your grocery shopping done before your crazy week starts!

Check out this post from my blog HERE to read more!


Get your workouts done in the morning!


Would I rather be sleeping in my comfy bed? Absolutely. But do I have three children and a husband that need my attention 90% of the day. Yep, I sure do!

By the time the kiddo's bedtime ‪at 8 PM‬ hits, my tired is tired. The odds of me working out when those cute little babies decide to snooze is like 347 to 2.

I have slowly fallen in love with morning workouts. I wake up, drink my preworkout Engergize (#momjuice), and get my 30 minute at-home workouts done! It's great to check it off the list and move on with my busy day. My endorphins are now kicking, my body continues to burn calories throughout the day, and I don't have to sit and think about how I have to workout when I get home from work or when the kids go to bed.



It's time for a GIVEAWAY!


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I hope you had as much fun hanging out with me today as I did my sweet friends! Now go rock that summer swimsuit of yours!... Whether it's from Nordstrom, Target, or even Kroger! Have a blessed day!