Cinco de Mayo / by Savannah Boyd

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I pulled out a party pant! You know I love Lela Rose with all my heart and these pants were the perfect, fun addition to my spring wardrobe. 


 Lela, Theory, and Pedro! Three of my favs! 


You can find these pretties at Tootsies Atalanta or of course comment for more details.

My leather t-shirt by Theory has been such a great piece. I've worn it with everything. 


Love my Michael Kors fight hunger watch. 


Pedro Garcia Trina Wedge 

I mentioned yesterday I would share my tips to building a Perfectly Functional Wardrobe from my event at the ASO show house. I hope you find them helpful and that they allow you to really think through your lifestyle, current wardrobe, and the gaps where you need to fill in.

How to create a Perfectly Functional Wardrobe 101... 

1. Clean Out Your Closet. You should get rid of everything that is ill-fitting, tired (worn out) , or outdated. 

2. Focus on basics. Basics are key! These are the items you wear the most often. Pieces that you can mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. For example, a pair of jeans, a white shirt, a black dress, a pencil skirt, a pair of great pants, or a classic pump in a neutral color. 

3. Think of the top 7-10 pieces in your wardrobe that you naturally gravitate toward when you are getting dressed. Let's take these favorites and build upon your wardrobe from there. For example, taking the blazer you love to wear with your jeans and finding a great pencil skirt for it to go with it for a more "dressed up" look.

I created the example below of MY top 10 go-to pieces.


4. Choose a neutral color palate.  Bright colors are fabulous but if you are planning to build a functional wardrobe that will last, you should start with neutrals first. For example. If you lean on black, white, brown, grey, camel, navy or cream when making your outfit, you can add one or two bright colors to liven up the overall look!! 

5.  Be Prepared Fill your closet with pieces for different occasions so that you are prepared when those events come up... When your in a panic to find something you usually settle for something you don't really love. 

6. Don't spend too much money on trendy items. You can add a couple of pieces to your closet every season to keep your wardrobe fashion forward and updated, but that is plenty to keep you current and in style. 

7.  Fit is everything! This is the most important suggestion!! No matter how stylish or beautiful your garments are, if they don’t fit you it doesn't look good. Make sure that every item you buy fits you and flatters your shape. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF ALTERATIONS. THEY ARE YOUR FRIEND! 

Give these thoughts a try and let me know how they work for you!

Last item for the day... My Cinco de Mayo Surprise!!

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