The New Blog / by Savannah Boyd

Welcome to Everything Hearts of Style! I am so glad you found your way to my blog. I'll be sharing with you my favorite fashion finds, all my fashion secrets, and the fun filled journey that this job provides along the way! 

This is the CEO of, well… EVERYTHING! My son Brooks. He gives his daddy and I a run for our money, but he sure is the best gift that we were ever given!! 

I am very blessed to be a  full time mom and full time business owner. Some days are VERY INTERESTING to say the least, but we split the responsibilities! I dress the clients, Brooks puts the smiles on their faces, and daddy works on all our accounting!

2014-04-01 16.37.07.jpg

And then we have RYN! I seriously do not know what I would do without this girl! She wears many hats under the Hearts of Style umbrella. It is pretty hard to find someone who can finish your own sentences and answer your questions before they are even asked, but I have met my match! She does all that and so much more for me! I am so grateful for this fashionista and friend!

I hope this blog will inspire you to dress in a way that makes you feel your very best! But more than that, I hope my fashion adventures bring joy to your spirit as you read along…. True beauty lies within!  " For wherever your treasure is, there your HEART will be also." Matthew 6:21