Love of Layering by Savannah Boyd


Hello and Happy Holidays!!! This time of year, as the weather gets chillier, it’s nice to layer up for warmth. I personally love a good layered look all year long, though! In my time working as a personal shopper and stylist, I have noticed that many of my clients don’t instinctually understand how to style themselves in layers, so I wanted to share some tips here on the blog.

Layering can elevate a look from ho-hum to super-stylish; just by adding a crisp, white Oxford blouse or a plaid button-up shirt to your outfit, you can transform a sweater or dress from average to exceptional. Layering isn’t an exact science, and the key is not to over-think it. That being said, here are few rules of thumb and tricks that will help you implement layering into your wardrobe like a pro.


The Classic White Button Down

layering ruffle sleeve.jpg
layering white shirt caroline.jpg
layering cava.jpg
  • Look for slim cut pieces that are structured against your bodice to avoid extra fabric in your mid-section.

  • My all-time favorite white Oxford blouse is by Theory (number 8 below!). I keep several in my closet on rotation.

  • The classic white Oxford is ALWAYS the perfect layering piece and can also be worn on its own with a great statement necklace.

  • Reach for these any time, but they are especially ideal if your sweater or jumper has a print.


The Turtleneck

layering turtleneck 1.jpg
layering turtleneck stripe.jpg
layering turtleneck 2.jpg
  • Look for thin, lightweight turtlenecks that do not come up high up on your neck.

  • Make sure the turtleneck is either fitted through the arm OR fitted through the body with a really fun sleeve.


Patterned Button-Up Blouses

layering plaid.jpg
layering gingham dress.jpg
  • Pair patterned shirts with solid sweaters or jumpers.

  • These can be fun for holiday outfits. If you have a silk blouse with hearts printed on it, for example, you can create a “Valentine’s Chic” outfit by layering it under a solid black sweater and pairing it with leather leggings or by layering it under a black shift dress with tights and boots.


3/4 Sleeve Blouses

layering half sleeve 2.jpg
layering half sleeve 1.jpg
  • People often think that these can’t be layered, but they can be!

  • Pair them with garment that has a loose-fitting sleeve so that you can bunch them up and let the shorter sleeve of the blouse hang out from underneath the sweater.


Layering a Sweater Over a Spring Dress

sweater over dress.JPG
  • This is a fun way to make a lightweight dress appropriate for cooler temperatures so that you don’t have to wait to wear it!

  • When it’s still winter but the weather is warmer than usual for the season, just throw a sweater over a long dress, wrap the belt around the middle under the sweater, then front tuck the sweater into the belt.

  • Pair it with a great pair of boots to complete the look.


General Tips and Tricks

  • If you want to layer a piece that is not slim-fitting, place a tank top over the blouse before you layer your sweater or jumper over it. This smooths out the bodice area and give you a sleek look.

  • If you want a “preppy” look, always front-tuck the shirt tail of your blouse. For a more relaxed look, leave the blouse untucked.

  • I typically suggest sticking with a crew neck when layering a sweater or jumper over a blouse. However, if you wish to layer a v-neck, try a fun collar (such as blouse number 3 or 5 below).

  • If you pair a fun, trendy, affordable piece with a garment that is of higher quality, then you will take your look to the next level.


Layering Pieces Available for Purchase Now

#heartsofstylehandwrittenhappy by Savannah Boyd

handwritten 1.jpg

If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us scroll through Instagram and wonder why everyone else has it so much more “together” than we do.  We think to ourselves, “She’s prettier; her kids are so well-behaved; they have such a beautiful house; they have nicer stuff; her business is going better than mine,” etc.  The list could go on and on because, for whatever reason, we like to get lost in the lie that everyone else in the world (or at least the social media world) has a picture-perfect life but that we, in fact, do not. 

handwritten 2.jpg

This has been heavy on my mind the past few days as I have read through many posts about people’s reflections over 2018.  I would dare to say that the majority of what I read was incredibly surprising!  Many people wrote extremely vulnerable posts in which they talk about walking through some very dark times that you would never in your wildest dreams imagine could be true by looking at their Social Media accounts.         

Life is messy!  I mean, DANG, it is down-right hard sometimes, and it is this way in some form or another for all of us.  None of us are excluded from hardships.  You just never know what someone could be going through on the other side of a photo. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I thrive off of words of affirmation!  The more the better.  This is just the way God made me.  Knowing that someone believes in me makes all the difference for me.  It gives me strength and fuels my determination to keep going. 

handwritten 4.JPG

It’s a new year, and most people have cleaned their slate from 2018 to start fresh!  Each one of us could benefit from knowing that someone is in our corner, from knowing that someone believes in us and is EXPECTANT to see what all we can accomplish in 2019.  So... I have this idea, and I am dying to see how far we can take it!!  I challenge you to pick three people in your life: could be family, friend, or even random stranger that works at the coffee shop you frequent that just looks like s/he needs a pat on the back.  Pick your people, and hand write them a short note giving them a dose of encouragement and mentioning why you know that 2019 is going to be an amazing year for them!!  Take a quick photo of yourself writing the note or leaving the note where someone will find it (perhaps tucked into the windshield wipers of a car in the parking lot or left on a doorstep or slid into a mailbox or placed into a lunchbox), and then post that photo with the hashtag #heartsofstylehandwrittenhappy.  

handwritten 3.JPG

Y’all... this seems so simple but I’m sitting here imagining how BIG this could be. I have around 3,800 followers on Instagram.  Imagine if all of those followers wrote at least three letters.  That’s over 11,000 letters!!!!  That makes me so stinking happy just thinking about it! And, who knows, the idea might even keep going depending on who shares it or talks about it!  I just LOVE IT and love thinking that we could just all get in each other’s corner and start cheering each other on going into the new year!! Please join me! Take 5 minutes (just 5 minutes!!!) out of your busy day to sit down and hand write (not text) a few notes to some people who just might have a wonderful start to 2019 because of your gesture of kindeness!! Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact in life!! I pray this is one of those times!! 🤗🙌🏻👏🏻


P.S. You are awesome, and there is NO ONE else quite like you! I hope 2019 brings you many blessings!! XO, Savannah 

A BOWtiful Blog Post by Savannah Boyd

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.20.22 PM.png

This post is a tribute to one of my favorite emblematic fashion accessories: the BOW. I absolutely love bows and am totally drawn to all things adorned by them! Bows can be feminine, strong, playful, symmetrical, dainty, sophisticated, youthful, and sculptural. The variety of their shape and size is part of their allure. Many fashion designers have explored the scale, placement, and structure of bows in their clothing lines, and Kate Spade even dedicated a whole chapter to “A Well-Placed Bow” in her book Things We Love. I have gathered some of my favorite bow items to share with you and hope you have fun choosing some to add to your wardrobe and home! I always feel BOWtiful when I “put a bow on it” and hope that you will, too!




Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and Jackets








Home Decor

Over-the-Knee Easy by Savannah Boyd

over knee 5.JPG

Hi there! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! As the temps turn cooler, I want to take the opportunity to highlight one of my favorite winter closet staples: over-the-knee boots.

People often shy away from over-the-knee boots because they fear that they are too “va-va-va-voom,” but they are actually really functional and very elegant, not to mention comfortable and EASY. You can throw them on for an “everyday wearable” look with, for example, a skinny jean and pretty top or warm sweater.

I chose to pair the boots with a skirt here because it just elevates the sweater/jeans look and, most importantly, the boots are now serving a very important purpose: WARMTH!!! This mom-friendly Harvey Faircloth skirt is made even friendlier by the coverage that the over-the-knee boots provide, helping me feel more comfortable both from a modesty standpoint and from a temperature standpoint. (By the way, this functional and versatile skirt would also be great with tights, black pumps, and a dressier blouse. But I digress!) What I really want to encourage you to do is invest in a great pair of over-the-knee boots and start exploring all of the ways in which you can utilize and enjoy them. Of course, they are fantastic with dresses of all lengths as well!

Here are some tips for shopping for the ideal over-the-knee boot.

1) Stick to a boot that is form-fitting to your leg (not baggy!).

2) Look for a boot that has a clean, simple look (no embellishments, large zippers, etc.).

3) Go with a flat or block heel for maximum comfort and wearability.

4) If you buy a taupe or camel boot, then you can wear them with your blacks AND your browns instead of being limited to one or the other. (That being said, my favorite boot of all time is linked in black below—it’s the Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boot). You can dress it up or down, and it is SO comfortable!)

Below are the hyperlinked images from my “easy over-the-knee” outfit, as well as several great over-the-knee boot options that are available to shop now.

over knee 4.JPG
over knee 2.JPG

Here are several over-the-knee boot options that are currently available for purchase!

Fierce, Functional, and Flexible by Savannah Boyd

This look is a departure from my norm, and I have to tell you… I was LOVING how fierce this funky ensemble made me feel! This outfit is not only cool and edgy, but it’s also casual and truly wearable. I was drawn to how these pieces can be broken up in so many different ways, which makes them a smart investment. For example, you could wear the joggers with a cozy sweater and tennis shoes, or you can put the vest over a chambray shirt paired with a wax-coated denim. The jacket could go with any workout leggings. And, as you can see here, you can even put a pair of heels on and really dress it up if you want to. It’s just so versatile!

Fierce 1.JPG
Fierce 4.JPG
fierce 3.JPG

Holiday Gift Guide by Savannah Boyd

holiday look 5.JPG

Hello there everyone!!  Christmas is truly my most favorite time of the year!  Of course, it’s a season when your fashion can be loads of fun, but it’s also a time when everything around seems to be sparkling with twinkling lights.  For me, it’s also a season when I get to reflect on the greatest gift that I have ever been given, my Savior. 

I love gift-giving all year long, but gift-giving at Christmas is something extra special.  It’s a time when I feel like I can celebrate the people I love all because of how I am loved!! 

That’s why it was so fun for me to put together my first-ever Holiday Gift Guide.  It has something to celebrate EVERYONE in your life!!  I’m so excited about it and hope that it will help you put a check next to everyone’s name on your list! 

Thank you for making Hearts of Style part of your life; we pray that your holiday season is richly blessed!!


We have included the following categories for your convenience.  You will find hyperlinks below each category that correlate to the numbered items in the collage.

Gift Guide for the Holiday Spirit

Gift Guide for Women

Gift Guide for Men

Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for Anyone & Everyone

Please note that the following vendors are offering discounts with code HEARTSOFSTYLE when you place your order:

Anna Hatcher Design

Elizabeth Wilson Designs

Ginny Moon: Illustrations for Fashion and Home

Jenny Perry Photography

M. Shreveport Boutique

Mulberry & King

Mustard and Ketchup Kids

Shades Kids

We wish you and your family the happiest, healthiest holiday season and hope that you enjoy shopping for and giving these gifts as much as we trust your loved ones will relish receiving them!

holiday spirit.jpg
better holidays .jpg
women's guide actual.jpg
better women's.jpg
Men guide.jpg
mens guide.jpg

1. Cheyanne II Waterproof Boot by Sorel 2. Finn|Carter Croc Belly Studs 3. Elizabeth Wilson Designs Camouflage Bowtie (All profits from the sale of these bowties will be donated to Ducks Unlimited in memory of Elizabeth’s late brother, Jacob; also, use code HEARTSOFSTYLE for a 10% discount!) 4. Beauty Counter Counterman Preview Gift Set 5. UGG Ascot Slipper

little gift guide.jpg
Kids guide.jpg

1. Mustard and Ketchup Kids (Use code HEARTSOFSTYLE for a 10% discount!) 2. Shades Kids (Use code HEARTSOFSTYLE for a 10% discount!) 3. Kiwi Crate from Kiwi Co. 4. Apples to Zucchini Monogram 5. Cuddle and Kind Hand-Knit Dolls (For every ONE doll purchased, Cuddle and Kind provides TEN meals to children in need!) 6. Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Set 7. Table Topics Family Cube 8. Boogie Board Writing Tablet

anyone and everyone gift guide.jpg
anyone and everyone 1.jpg

1. Properly Mine Leather Cord Organizer 2. Hearts of Style Gift Card 3. Jana Fleming Art Gift Card 4. Anna Hatcher Design Stationery (Use code HEARTSOFSTYLE for a 10% discount!) 5. Jenny Perry Photography Photo Shoot (Jenny is offering 10% off digital and print collections for those who book a session before December 31, 2018; mention Hearts of Style to receive the discount!) 6. Jeni’s Ice Cream

A Royal Birthday Bash by Savannah Boyd

bday family 10.jpg

There are few things that I love more than planning my kids’ birthday parties. It is truly so much fun to me. All-out birthday celebrations are something special that I get to do for them; the love, energy, and effort that I put into making every detail perfect is my gift to them. One day, when they look back at pictures of their parties, they will hopefully be able to feel the heart and soul that went into making these milestones memorable. My sweet babies are only young once, and each stage is worthy of a blowout bash!

This year, I planned a combined party for my youngest son, Bradley (turning 3), and my only daughter, Anna Blair (turning 1). A lot of life changes were also taking place for us around their birthdays, and I knew that it would be too much on me to plan two separate parties just a couple of weeks apart. We actually moved to a new home a few days after the party; therefore, this party took on a special importance to me because I knew that it would be the “last hurrah” in our home before we moved.

Since Anna Blair was called “Pretty Pretty Princess” from the second she was born (she does have two older brothers, after all!), I decided to work around that nickname and settled on the princess and knight theme. I had the best time brainstorming creative ways to bring the Royal Birthday Bash to life with the personal motto in mind that “love is in the details.” I am so grateful to the people who helped me realize my vision and will give special mention to each of them below.

All good parties start with a great invitation!  For this and the other printed materials (such as the party favor tags, food labels, and envelopes in which the invitations were mailed), I collaborated with my best friend and graphic designer, Anna, of Anna Hatcher Design.  Anna is incredibly creative and helped me execute every aspect of the party; I am so thankful that she could come all the way from California to be there!!! 

Not everything has to look perfect, professional, and purchased; in fact, I actually prefer incorporating mom-made aspects into each party that I give.  For example, I drew the prince and the princess for the invitation because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted the prince and princess to take on a sweet, storybook quality, so I decided to design them myself.  Anna was able to scan in my drawing and resize the characters for use in the invitation and other print materials.  She’s seriously SO talented!!!

This is my beautiful and talented friend, Anna! It meant the world to me that she flew across the country to celebrate my children’s birthdays with me. Below you can see some more of the darling designs she did for the party’s print materials—they seriously added so much and made everything feel more custom, special, and personal.  Anna’s company is called  Anna Hatcher Designs . She is an amazing graphic designer who can realize any vision and make the ideas you have in your head come to life on the page.

This is my beautiful and talented friend, Anna! It meant the world to me that she flew across the country to celebrate my children’s birthdays with me. Below you can see some more of the darling designs she did for the party’s print materials—they seriously added so much and made everything feel more custom, special, and personal.

Anna’s company is called Anna Hatcher Designs. She is an amazing graphic designer who can realize any vision and make the ideas you have in your head come to life on the page.

Anna also made these precious party favor tags for the costumes that I ordered from Amazon (They are hyperlinked below at the end of the blog post!).

These menu tags really brought the food table to life! (Picture them folded in half so that they stand up like a little tent).

The Menu:

Fruit (“The Crown Jewels”), Uncrustables Sandwiches (“Knight Shields”), Bugles Chips (“Dragon Claws”), Hummus (“Dignified Dip”), Chicken Nuggets (“Royal Nuggets”), Cookies (“Charming Treats”), and Veggie Sticks (“Spears and Swords”)


I am really lucky that my precious, handsome brother, Chance, agreed to be our Knight in Shining Armor. There are few people in the world who are as special to my kids as Uncle Chance is, so it was genuinely a treat having him visit from Louisiana to be a part of this family milestone. I also greatly appreciate that his girlfriend, Anne (who I adore!) came from Auburn University to be Chance’s Princess. The children LOVED seeing Chance and Anne dressed up, and they were so great with the all of the kids. Can you imagine being a little boy or little girl and seeing a real knight and princess walking in your midst?! They helped make this a magical occasion for Bradley, Anna Blair, and all of their friends.

I also have to give my mom a shout out because I am so grateful to her help. I had so much on my plate trying to process and pack for the move and she helped me pull all the finishing touches together. I could not have held it all together and gotten it all done without her help!


Below are details of the entrance to the Boyd Castle. Here is another example of an opportunity that I took to hand-design and execute the decor of the party. I was so tickled with how cute it all turned out!


Julia Child famously said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

Thank you to Christie from Sweet Chloe’s for making all of my cake dreams come true.  Just look at the meticulous attention to detail in the font on the writing above the castle doors and on the wood texture of the doors themselves!—just incredible. This is my 9th Birthday cake order from Christie. Not only are her cakes beautiful but they taste AMAZING!

These cookies are such eye candy as well!  They truly are edible works of art, and they are as delicious as they are gorgeous.  Thank you, Lynn at Razzle Dazzle Cookies! I genuinely cannot host an event without these cookies! If you live in the Atlanta area you must order from Lynn. She is adorable and crazy talented!


I wanted the table decorations to be whimsical and in keeping with my storybook vibe. Fresh flowers always add the perfect touch to any tablescape! But what really makes me smile is watching that table fill with children during the party and hearing their musical laughter and happiness filling the air.


Lastly, I have to give special mention to my big 5-year-old, Brooks, who valiantly kept watch over Prince Bradley and Princess Anna Blair as they shared the spotlight for the day. He had a blast participating in the festivities and proudly celebrating his little brother and baby sister.

bday brooks 1.jpg

Below you can shop our looks from the party and find hyperlinked images to the various vendors who helped make the details come together.

My Party Outfit

Anna Blair’s Party Outfit

Bradley’s and Brooks’s Party Outfits

Party Favor Details

Party Decor Items

Chic in Cupcakes and Cashmere by Savannah Boyd

Cupcakes and Cashmere is an accessible and affordable brand that makes beautiful, unique, truly wearable clothes. This dress can be glamorous and elegant, as I’ve styled it in the pictures below. But it can just as easily be thrown on by itself with a pair of sandals for an easy, casual look. When a garment is well-constructed and beautiful as a stand-alone piece, its versatility is limitless! Cupcakes and Cashmere makes just such pieces time and time again. I hope you will enjoy exploring this brand if it is new to you. If you are a long-time fan, then you can leave me an “AMEN” comment on the Blog!!!

***Note: This exact vest and this exact necklace are out of stock, so similar ones are linked. The dress, shoes, purse, and earrings are all still available, and the shoes are on MAJOR sale!!!***

european chic 1.JPG
european chic 4.JPG
european chic 2.JPG